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Our objective:-

Shree Brahmachaitanya Vastu and Astrology Centre was established in 2014. We are one of the best astrologer in Pune and Karad. Our aim is to enhance the experience of human life in terms of health, finance, relationships etc. By removing all your energy obstacles in your path, we create harmony for your good health and prosperity. In vastu, there is not only environmental and space energies working but also energy named geopathic stress.

We scientifically observe and study scenarios of vastu (house) and planetary position in the horoscope (Kundli) and based on that we predict the ups and downs in the life of an individual. With the help of remedial measures, we make your experience soothing and harmonious.

It is our will to help people who are suffering from misery, financial losses, failure in relationship, marital issues, ill health etc.

Our consultant:- ( BEST ASTROLGER IN PUNE)

Our consultant Mr. Onkar Kulkarni has 5 years of experience in astrology, vastushastra and other allied shastras. He is considered one of the best astrologer in Pune.

Onkar Kulkarni holds bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. After completing engineering he worked in the construction industry for two years. While doing a job he was studying and implementing vastushastra and astrology side by side. He also has studied ancient vastushastra and astrological texts like Samarangan-sutradhara, Maymatam, Brihatparashari etc. He strongly believes that every person should have a fair chance to achieve his goals in life. According to him, these Vedic shastras help people to stay focused and encouraged. He has long testimonial list of happy clients, please CLICK HERE.

Mr. Onkar Kulkarni is himself an engineer and has a strong belief in science, therefore he always tries to see this Vedic shastras from science’s point of view.

To compliment astrology and vastushastra he also studied geobiology i.e. study of geopathic stress, bioenergetics, aura reading, numerology etc. Due to excellence in astrology and vastushastra he is considered one of the best vastu consultant and astrologer in Pune and Karad.

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