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Capricorn personality

Their physical stature is weak. They fall easily sick in epidemics. They have dark and thick eyebrows. Their complexion is maybe darkish to the middle fair. The lord of this sign is Saturn and it has an earth element. this sign has all negative properties of Saturn, however, these people are hard workers and without any hesitation, they always try their best even if they fail persistently. Their general mental constitution is pessimistic. They don’t like to be get noticed. They have their own speed of doing things. They don’t get results that easily. They always have to try hard and suffer and only when they get success. They are most unfortunate, but due to their hard efforts once they get the success it pertains its position for very long time. Due to the earth element, they are very clever in a matter of money. They are long-term goal planners.

Their negative side is mostly about their negative thinking. Too much negative thinking and ill-affected moon can cause heavy depression for them, from where they cannot lift themselves. Due to earth element, they become selfish.


They face problems related to their knees. They may get osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis. They may face knee replacement operations. It is advisable for them to take ayurvedic treatment from time to time.


Slow but steady wins the race is really true about Capricorns. Saturn governs hard work hence agricultural fields are best for them. Saturn also shows iron and oil that’s why oil refinery or trading is also good. They can also start hardware supplying and trading.

मकर रास


हि रास शनीच्या अमलाखाली येते. तत्व पृथ्वी तत्व आहे आणि चर स्वभाव आहे. पृथ्वी तत्वामुळे व्यवहारीपणा असतो, शनीसारखा चिवट ग्रह असल्यामुळे ह्यांच्या प्रयत्नात चिकाटी असते. कामासाठी सतत तयार असतात. कितीही कष्ट झाले तरी लगेच त्रासात नाहीत. शनी हा विलंबाचा कारक असल्यामुळे ह्यांना उशिरा यश येते. सततचे केलेले प्रयत्न, कष्ट आणि व्यवहारीपणा ह्यामुळे दूरदर्शीपणा आलेला असतो.

शनीची रास असल्यामुळे थंडपणा, नैराश्यवृत्तीचे लक्षण असते. ह्यांचे कोणतेही काम उशिरानेच होते. ह्यांचे काम भराभर नसते. बिघडलेला शनी आपमतलबीपणा, स्वार्थीपणा वाढवतो. काहीवेळेस कंजूषवृत्ती दिसते. ह्या व्यक्ती लगेच डिप्रेशन मध्ये जातात.


हि रास शनीच्या नेगेटिव्ह तत्वाची असल्यामुळे तब्येतीबाबतीत सतत कुरबुरी असतात. शनी हा वाताचा कारक ग्रह आहे. त्यामुळे संधिवात, आमवात असे त्रास लगेच होतात. हि रास गुडघ्यावर पडत असल्यामुळे ह्या राशींच्या व्यक्तींना गुडघेदुखी लवकर चालू होते.


ह्या राशीच्या व्यक्ती चाकरमानी उत्तम ठरतात. शनी हा नोकरीचा कारक आहे. व्यवसाय करायचा असल्यास शेती, शेतीची अवजारे, हार्डवेअर, लोखंडाचे व्यवसाय, टायरचे व्यवसाय, तेलाचा व्यापार हे पर्याय उत्तम ठरतात.  

The above article gives a glimpse over Capricorn personality. It is based on facts in astrology and experience of astrologer Mr. Onkar Kulkarni. Shree Brahmachaitanya Vastu and Astrology centre has the best astrologer in Pune and karad.


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