There is a lot going in the life of Sanjay Dutt these days. Though the actor is always considered as “ controversial”, for a change, this time it’s his biopic that is making a crashing sound on box office. The film is Sanju. I am not much fond of new Bollywood movies and neither I am a big fan of Sanjay Dutt, but there are some rumours about his life that I heard, which compels me to recheck these events to tally in accordance with his horoscope. By Ranbir Kapoor’s excellent acting and graceful direction by Rajkumar Hirani, I have heard that the film is making a good fortune on box-office.

horoscope of sanjay dutt

Here, I am going to discuss only about his life’s events and its relevance to his horoscope.

horoscope of sanjay dutt

Sanjay Dutt is born on 29th July 1959, at 14.45 in Mumbai. At that time moon was in Vrushabh Rashi and in Krittika nakshatra. People with Vrushabha Rashi are happy to go lucky type. They enjoy a luxurious life, and pleasures. Particularly, Krittika nakshatra inclines this enjoying pleasures category towards Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction problem. It has been seen that Vrushabh Rashi’s lord venus give good acting ability, expression and artistic point of view. It is the reason behind Sanjay’s inclination towards Bollywood rather than politics, unlike his father. In his first house there is Vruschika Rashi and Anuradha nakshatra, however, Vruschika Rashi is considered fierce in nature, and rough but Anuradha nakshatra of Lord Shani is good, kind-hearted. It has a love for battles ( in this case bodybuilding, sports etc. ) and attention seeking.

Sanjay Dutt family:-

Sanjay Dutt has Shani in his second house and lord of the second house is in vyavsthan i.e. twelfth house. It shows that he is ill-destined about family life, moon in Krittika and it is in conjunction with Herschel in navamansh kundali. It shows sudden illness and death of his mother; great actress Nargis. The pitrukaraka ( significator of the father ) sun, is also in debilitation in navamansh denotes, disagreement with his father. Though they have a love for each other and Sanjay Dutt may have respect for his father but he thought that his father was too controlling. He has seventh lord venus, in conjunction with mars. Seventh house denotes marriage life and spouse. Mars is the planet that creates hurdles. He is fond of quarrels. That’s why he has troubles with his spouses. Ketu in the fifth house, in addition, explains a lot about his failure in love life. The fifth house is the significator of children, it explains his distance with his daughter Trishala, who is living in the US, from her childhood away from Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt career:-

Sanjay Dutt has a good successful career in Bollywood, however, there are ups and downs due to his mistakes, but still, people loved him and his movies. In his tenth house, there is a conjunction of Venus and Mars. Though this conjunction denotes his failed marriages, this is good for his career in acting. Mars induces power to venus to express his ability in acting. Venus in Sinha Rashi is also good for expressing self and art. Mars in friend’s house in the tenth house shows a successful career. He made his debut in 1981 with Rocky movie. At that time, his Rahu mahadasha had started in 1980. His Rahu is in Kanya Rashi and in the eleventh house. It is an auspicious combination. The eleventh house is known for getting the fulfilment of desires. He started and gained huge success in this Rahu mahadasha from 1989 to 1998. In 1993, when there is Antar Dasha of Venus in Rahu mahadasha he was arrested. Here Venus is lord of the twelfth house. This house denotes imprisonment and jail. When guru mahadasha started in 1998, he again got bail and 1999 was a very successful year for him. In 1999, he had guru mahadasha and guru’s Antar Dasha, that is he gained success through Kartoos, Vaastav, Jodi no.1, Musafir, Munnabhai ( both parts ). This journey was stopped in 2006-07 because he was found guilty under the possession of arms act and relieved from TADA. At that time Antar Dasha of Venus, the lord of vyaysthana was going on, which shows punishment. After 2008, he got bailed and again got success through Dhamaal, Shootout, and Agneepath. When Shani mahadasha started in 2014, he again was arrested and imprisoned for nearly one and a half year, till 2016. This life journey of Sanjay Dutt is really fascinating and interesting to think on. We must learn from his past life that, one may not be knowing what to do in life, but should know what not to do. Well I must say being the Sanjay Dutt Criminal Star you have to suffer, you have to surrender. I hope he learnt his lesson of karma.

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Sanjay Dutt and his life as per horoscope ( Sanju movie )

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