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Narendra Modi Birthday – Horoscope and Study

It’s 17th September 2018, the day when the renowned leader and Prime Minister of India  Mr. Narendra Modi was born. “Narendra Modi Birthday” will be the perfect occasion to study his horoscope. Nowadays his persona is so much magnified that not only in India but also international people and leaders are also admiring him. Well, of course, some of Indians are not very happy with his policies like demonetization and implementation of GST, but the majority of people of India are praising him and his national and international policies. Isn’t that curious that how he suddenly become so much popular worldwide? How he conquered the elections without any failure? Why he became four times chief minister of Gujarat state assembly? It is very intriguing to observe that whenever he has given responsibility he didn’t just complete it but he completed that with excellence. Isn’t it astonishing? Well, that is why I am unlocking his secrets of continuous success; it is hidden in his horoscope.  Let us explore his personal life, his traits, and his political career through his horoscope.

The personality of Narendra Modi

narendra modi horoscope

What do you see when you first see Narendra Modi’s face first time? He is dominant in nature. He is highly focused on his goals. You can not make stop him at any cost from his decisions. In his career, many times by Congress and even some his fellow party-comers try to put hurdles in his career but he fought his way to become Prime Minister. It means he is foresighted, dominant, fighter and persistent in his efforts. It is remarkable properties of Mars. In the horoscope of Modiji, the ascendant is Scorpio and it has Mars placed in it. It means moon sign and ascendant is the same plus, lord of Scorpio situated in his own house. When Mars is placed in Kendra with own house or exalted house it becomes Panchmahapurush yoga called Ruchak Yog. A person with ‘Ruchak yoga’ has a dominant and magnetic persona. Mr. Narendra Modi is the perfect example of it. Scorpio ascendant and same moon sign make him hot-tempered and action taking personality. This property of his had made him for name Dictator, though he is not dictating India still his personality giving the opportunity to opposition to labeling him as such. In his horoscope, Mercury is placed exalted in the eleventh house. It gives Modiji, good quality of speech and makes popular with friends. Jupiter and moon in Kendra show perfect Gajkesari yoga, which gives him popularity and success whenever he makes efforts.

Early life and education of Narendra Modi

In the horoscope of Modiji, the fifth house has Rahu in it. The fifth house shows advancement and quality in education. Inauspicious placement of Rahu in this house shows hurdles in completing education. However lord of fifth is placed in fourth house shows, after a brief moment, it may possible that education will be completed. It should be also taken into consideration that in Navmansh Jupiter is placed in the fifth house.

In 1958 when he was just eight, he discovered about Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh and joined willingly. At that same time, he was helping his father to run tea stall. It shows that at the very small age he wanted to become a part of doing something responsive. Mars in Scorpio shows his affection towards patriotism, love for the nation, and becoming independent. After completing education in 1967, he left his house to explore North India. It is said that at that he was torn between his ambitions for the nation and his marriage issue that was held by his family. To work with RSS it needs to not having family responsibilities. So that is why he left his house. He left everything when Pratyantardasha of Saturn had started. In his horoscope, Saturn has lordship of the fourth house. The fourth house denotes Gruhsaukhya house, property pleasures, mother etc.

In 1971, he became full-time Pracharak for RSS, under the guidance of Mr. Lakshamanrao Inamdar. He became fully dedicated for this work. In 1975 to 1977 he has to go underground as RSS had been banned by Indira Gandhi’s government during “Emergency” period. Why he has to go underground? Well, at that time Antardasha of Jupiter and Saturn was going on. Saturn is lord of fourth house and Jupiter is in an enemy house in fourth. The time period of 1978 to 1985 was of Ketu’s mahadasha, Ketu is the significator of suffering and loneliness, hence he has to work alone away from his family and had to do hard work for RSS.

Narendra Modi in Politics

1985 was a significant year for him; It just started of Venus mahadasha. We can say that it was a turning point for him in his political career. He was displaced from RSS to Bharatiya Janata Party by Mr. L. K. Adavani. In 1987, under his guidance BJP got success in Municipal elections, he was very praised for this victory. At that time mahadasha and antardasha of Venus was going on. Due to his excellent work he had been promoted to Secretary of Gujarat for BJP. in 1990, he became a member of National Election Committee of BJP. He had given the responsibility of Ramrath Yatra and Ekta Yatra, it is said that management of Modi is the key reason of success behind it. From 1992 to 1994 he was totally absent from politics due to issues with Shankarsinh Waghela. In 1995 he returned to politics on urge request from Lal Krishna Advani. In 1995 he made the general secretary of BJP. In 1998 he had been given responsibility for Selection committee for Gujarat state assembly election. Though Shankarsinh Waghela defected BJP, Modi’s management was perfect and he led BJP to success.

The real fame and success started in 2001 when Keshubhai Patel’s health starts deteriorating it became inevitable to appoint someone as his deputy. Of course, name Narendra Modi came in the picture. So, in 2002 with the proper election, he became chief minister of Gujrat. Here is the secret of his success and successive progression in politics – Venus Mahadasha. Venus is placed in the tenth house and it is Vargottama in Navmansha. The total mahadasha of venus from 1985 to 2005 was the reason for him to make establishments in politics for him. In 1992-94 when he was absent from politics, it was Rahu’s antardasha acting in.

narendra modi birthday

2005 to 2011 in the horoscope of Modiji, Ravi Mahadasha was going on. Ravi is conquerer; he is the king that is why he had a firm grip on government and politics at that time. In this Mahadasha he became well known to Indian politics and started to emerge as next candidate for Prime minister. After 2011 Mahadasha of Moon started, Moon is debilitated in the first house but we can not overlook factor that it is in conjunction with Mars who is well placed for Panchmahapurush yoga. It is fortunate for him that the 2012 state assembly election was held in between Antardasha of Mars. When the election was held for Prime Minister Position he had Venus Antardasha. These above factors became crucial and played a vital role in his success.    

In February 2019, he will undergo Ketu antardasha which will, of course, problematic for him. If the election is held in May 2019 it won’t be easy for him, because Saturn’s sadesati is also overlapping Ketu mahadasha negatively. But if ONE NATION ONE ELECTION campaign is accepted then the prime ministerial election will be held in September 2019, where Venus anatrdasha will be in effect and Jupiter also will be well placed in transit position from Moon. Please make a note that from 2021 to 2028 he will have Mars mahadasha, in that period he will be invincible except for Rahu antardasha in 2023. To know more about his life achievements CLICK here.

As I said earlier Narendra Modi Birthday will be great opportunity to learn about Prime Ministere more. Please give your feedback about this blog and feel free to ask any queries. If anyone wants professional help please CONTACT us.


Narendra Modi Birthday – Horoscope and Study

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