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Scorpio personality

Scorpion people are medium height, have a broad head and medium dark complexion. Their nose may be crooked and have less but curly hairs. Lord of this sign is fiery Mars and element is water. Mars give them fierceness and anger issues. They don’t forgive easily and go for revenge by any means. They are powerful and fearless. They are energetic and dictator in nature. They don’t like to be ignored. They have high confidence and good expression and communication skills. They have strong will power and with that, they can do unimaginable things. This sign is the most unpredictable. They are very clever and not easy to fool. It is always better to not get in their way. They like sports and have a very competitive mind.

Their negative points are really considerate. They are fierce and hence get easily angry. They are not at all compassionate and don’t forgive. When they decide for revenge they may cross the limits of laws. They have a tendency to hide the things. If Venus and Mars are badly affected then their sexual pleasures and addiction can cross the limits. If their kundali is also ill-affected they can become criminal minded.


This sign has an effect on the genital area, therefore scorpion people have a large appetite for sex. They get easily prone to sexually transmitted disease. They may have prostate issues, urinary bladder issues, and human excretory system issues. They may get fissure, piles haemorrhoids etc.


Due to their fighting spirit is given by Mars and Competitiveness, they can become good sportsperson. They are very good at finding things and fearless, hence they can become a  good police officer and detectives. Mars represents blood and cuts hence they can also become good doctors.

वृश्चिक रास


ह्या राशीचा राशिस्वामी अग्निकारक मंगळ आहे तर तत्व जल आहे. ह्या विरुद्ध तत्त्वांमुळे ह्यांचा स्वभाव अनप्रेडिक्टेबल असतो. सर्व राशींमधील धूर्त आणि मुत्सद्दी रास. ह्या राशींच्या व्यक्तींच्या मनात काय चालाय हे सांगेन फार कठीण. स्थिरतत्वामुळे ह्यांच्यात चिकाटी असते. नेटाने कामे करतात. मंगळासारखा लढवय्या ग्रह स्वामी असल्यामुळे साहसी आणि निर्भीड वृत्ती असते. ह्यांनी एखादी गोष्ट मिळवायची ठरवल्यास ते हात धुवून त्याच्या पाठी लागतात.

ह्यांचा स्वभाव मंगळामुळे तापट, फटकळ, टोचून बोलणारा आणि आक्रस्ताळपणा करणारा असतो. ह्या व्यक्ती अपमान कधीच विसरत नाहीत आणि त्याचा बदला घेतल्याशिवाय राहत नाहीत. ह्या व्यक्तींचा गोष्टी लपवण्याकडे कल असतो. दुसर्यांना माफ करण्यासाठी लागणार मोठेपणा ह्यांच्यात नसतो. पैशाच्याबाबतीतही ह्यांच्यावर विश्वास न ठेवलेलाच बरा.

  • येथे एक गोष्ट लक्षात घ्यावी, बऱ्याच ज्योतिषांनी ह्या राशीचे वर्णन नेगेटिव्ह केलेले आढळते ते काही अंशी खरे असले तरी अनुराधा नक्षत्राच्या व्यक्ती तशा आढळत नाहीत.


हि रास गुदद्वार आणि लिंगावर पडते. ह्यासंदर्भात आजार ह्यांना लगेच होण्याची शक्यता असते. मूळव्याध, भगेंद्र, गुप्तरोग इ. आजार लगेच होऊ शकतात. ह्यांनी शारीरिक आणि मानसिक संयम राखायला शिकावे.


मंगळाचा ज्वलनशीलपणा, लढवय्यी वृत्ती ह्यामुळे सैन्यदल, पोलीस खाते ह्यात चांगले करिअर होते. रसायनशास्त्र, वैद्यकशास्त्र, फार्मसी ह्यात उत्तम गती मिळते.

The above article gives a glimpse over Scorpio personality. It is based on facts in astrology and experience of astrologer Mr. Onkar Kulkarni . Shree Brahmachaitanya Vastu and Astrology centre has the best astrologer in Pune and karad.


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