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It is said that living a peaceful life is itself a big challenge. Everyone must consider the pros and cons of his action because it is believed that life never gives second chance. Most of the people are ignorant about their action and its inevitable outcome and hence ill-effects of bad decision making also become inevitable. Our family, friends, colleagues are precious to us but it may be possible that our hasty decision without considering the future may cause harm to them all. Then how to take precautions? Well, the answer is very simple and as the best astrologer in Pune and karad we hold the answer key to your particular problem.

From ancient times, great Indian sages always had tried to make human life healthier, happier and prosperous. In order to do so, they invented and applied various shastras (sciences). Few of them are astrology, vastushastra, numerology etc. With the help of this shastras, we can remove and eliminate negative energy thoroughly and enhance positive energies. It helps to reduce ill effects.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is best known in India as Vedic Jyotish-shastra. It is Science that deals with your prediction of future events. Birth chart or simply known as Kundli is more important for this. Through the planetary positions and signs in Kundli future events are predicted by an Astrologer. This science is based on twelve signs, twelve houses in Kundli, twelve planets and twenty-seven nakshatras. it is believed that these all factors are arranged in Kundli as per our past life Karma.

It is believed that human has to suffer a lot from what he has done in his past life. Present life events are effects of the past life deeds (karma). These sciences cannot change the events in our life, but certainly, they can limit the intensity of it. But it is crucial to understand that our life is divided into 60/40 formula. It is like our past karma causing events in present life are around 60% approximately and 40% of events in present life are subjective to our actions. What it denotes?

How does 60-40 formula work?

Well, it means the outcome of 60% is not in our hands but we can know them by Astrology and can take disaster management steps to recover from damage easily but of course, we cannot change events. It is also believed that the use of gemstones and with the help of certain rituals in spirituality we can deem the intensity of negative outcome. Whereas, 40% our actions are influenced by the energy that surrounds us. If we are positively reinforced by good energy then our decisions will be good and we can materialise it but if we are surrounded by negative energy all along then it will affect our efficiency and will cause a loss in terms of physical, financial, and mental wealth.

We are not saying that only astrology is the future governing factor is here, but there is also Vastushastra and Geopathic stress factors affecting. To ensure your betterment of physical, mental, financial and wealth status, Shree Brahmachaitanya Vastu and Astrology Service has the best astrologer in Pune and karad, will guide you in your path of life. By the grace and blessings of Gondavalekar Maharaj, we can assure you about your satisfaction.

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