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What is Aura Reading & Aura Scanning?

Aura and chakras are nothing but energy anatomy of the human body. When vastu comes in contact with the energy of the human body, then they have exchanged these energies and become one. This happens to know as resonance effect. In simple terms, it is the correlation between energies through their vibratory pattern becoming one. Aura is an electromagnetic field around a human body or any other animal. Aura cannot be seen by our naked eyes. A proper instrument with technology is important to read the aura. Reading aura and its various components are known as Aura Scanning. Shree Brahmachaitanya vastu and astrology centre is known for one of the best aura scannings in Pune.

Our body’s chakras are connected via Nadis or so known as meridians. They convey energy from one chakra to another chakra and from there energy is conveyed to various internal organs in the body. When your vastu has increased in negative energy, negative energy of the human body is also increased. If the presence of negative energy in the house is consistent then human aura diminishes rapidly causing major health hazards in the body. So in order to make human life healthier and simple, it is important to rectify the energy of the premise accordingly.

Remember! Bright, dense and vibrant aura colours show a good health. If the aura is full of dirty colours, distorted it means the person is suffering from the disease. In such case taking only oral medicines causes to heal the only physical body, while the energy body remains dirty. Hence it becomes important to complement oral medicines with energy healing techniques.  A simple technique is to enhance your Space Energy by rectifying Vastu i.e. House.

What is Bio-energetic?

Bioenergetic is the study of macrocosmos of vastu in accordance with microcosmos of the human body. It is basically resonance effect between space of vastu and aura readings of the human body. We all know that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed and it is universally constant. So when anything happens with space energy, it has effects on human aura.

To understand the relation between space energy and aura, we must first understand what is the aura and how to read it? The energy of vastu and persons can be identified with the help of proper setup. Aura scanning in Pune is available at very few places.

What kind of negative energy is present in any premises?

In general, there are vastu defects that cause to increase in negative energy. Most of the time people with the help of vastu consultant rectifies vastu defects but people on that premises are still suffering, it’s because of the presence of geopathic stress. To know more about geopathic stress, CLICK HERE. It is purely electromagnetic field emerging from the earth, continuous being presented in this field even can cause diseases like cancer.

But it is very interesting to observe that these negative energies in the house or premises are not affecting equally on the bodies present within it. Why? Its answer is simple because people have different strength in their Aura and chakra. So when we determine at what level each person’s aura has strong, we can do needful. So in order to rectify space, we take readings of various persons dwelling in that place and then we draw assumptions about defects and its remedies.

There are very few people are working even in India related to bioenergetics. Shree Brahmachaitanya vastu and astrology services are as a leading vastu consultant Pune determined to work and do research and development in Bioenergetics.