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Meditation in Pune

Is it possible to meditate as good as, you do meditation in meditational centres? Yes, it is fairly possible. We have special consulting for those who are interested in self-help, meditation, counselling etc. We will assist in our meditation centre in Pune because everyone has different needs. It is not necessary that everyone should follow the same type of meditation techniques. There are different types of meditation techniques are given in our Vedas. In order to understand exactly need of particular technique, we should first need to understand the energy requirements in the body. these requirements dependent on the physical, mental and spiritual state of an individual.

Considering different requirements, we will ask you to STOP following any method of meditation randomly.

How to find the right technique?

We will help you to understand your need energetically with the help of your AURA SCANNING and past history of any physical or mental illness. After one or two counselling sessions you will understand that what exactly is your need.

Meditation Techniques:

  • SOHAM Meditation
  • OMKAR Meditation
  • BIJ-Mantra Meditation
  • KRIYA-YOGA Meditation

All the above techniques are simple except Kriya-yoga. This meditation techniques will help you in healing your body, mind and soul. These techniques are free from any side-effects.  Shree Brahmachaitanya vastu and astrology centre has expertise related to this particular techniques. Meditation centre in Pune is easy to find but what you must seek is proper and the right technique to implement.