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Vastushastra is the ancient heritage of India which has now become popular in even western countries. Nowadays even technical institutes are also trying to reveal mysteries of this science. We should be thankful to our ancient sages for keeping this important science preserved. We are vastu consultant Pune city, currently operating and visiting all over India for vastushastra consulting and studies.

To get benefited by vastushastra one must understand this science and its scope. Vastu is word originated from Sanskrit word ‘Vas’ which literally means ‘to reside’. So vastushastra means, science which deals with the study of vastu i.e. architecture of house in simple words. It must be understood that vastushastra has much more scope than mere architecture. Modern architecture only covers the scope of ambience, aesthetic view, wind direction, sunlight etc. while vastushastra including these points also consider energy aspects. It considers about earth energy, surrounding energy and so on. Most of the old, ancient cities in India, monuments, forts are believed to be built in consideration with principles of vastushastra. Vastushastra principles can easily be applied to residential, commercial, industrial vastu.

How does Vastu energy work?

Well, take one example, if a person has assigned one tedious work of analysis to make a decision on some assignment with time constraint in one enclosed room. Now suppose room is full of foul odours. Is it possible for him to concentrate fully on assignment? NO. Same way, when you are surrounded by negative energies, your efficiency becomes less and you may fail to achieve your goal. When a person has negative energies in his/her vastu, by the law of resonance person also become negatively charged.

Vastushastra for a house: while applying the principles of vastushastra for the dwelling place, we must consider the various types of residential vastu. For example. Bungalow, Apartment system, Twin Bungalow, Row house etc.

Vastu for factory: In modern world factory is general term but it also has various functional components as per its niche. Sugar factories, milk processing factories, fabric industry, refineries, paper industries, RMC plants etc. have different components and different ways of functional processing lines. As per their function, we have to consider vastu principles and make according to suggestions.

What is Geopathic stress?

Geopathic stress or simply known as GS is electromagnetic field emerging from the earth. It is believed that earth resonates with a frequency of 7.8 Hz known as Schumann frequency. This frequency creates an electromagnetic field. When underground disturbances like fault planes, mineral deposits, water lines, sewer occur it creates negative polarity and causes to disturb human aura. This phenomenon causes an alteration in physical, mental status of the human body. It is found that most of the cancer patient has their house or sleeping place affected by geopathic stress. Geopathic stress can be in form of an energy vortex, ley line etc. Shree Brahmachaitanya Vastu consultant Pune knows better and easy, simple solutions to rectify issues of geopathic stress.

Signs of negativity in the house:

  1. Negative energy in the house readily affects physical and mental status first.
  2. Continuous deterioration of physical health
  3. Reoccurrence of disease and failure in a recovery of health
  4. Uneasy, disturbed sleep i.e. insomnia
  5. Emotional weakness
  6. Presence of anxiety, aggression and depression
  7. Retrogression in financial status, unexpected loss of money

As best vastu consultant Pune, It is our aim to make a home, houses, commercial spaces, industries free from this stress with the help of geopathic stress remedies. It is very important that while assessing your vastu for defects, to study and observe your horoscope / kundali. It is done with the help of a thorough study of Astrology. To know more please click here.